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We Went to New York City (Book Expo 2017)

Alexandra recounts her adventures from Book Expo 2017 and New York City. Lots of books, museums and Panic! At the Disco abounds. Be warned.

Museums and Snapchat

Two of my greatest loves are museums and social media. During our New York trip Chelsey and I managed to hit up a few museums. Instead of just sending regular pictures of the models and pieces of art ...

Tempests and Slaughter: The New Tamora Pierce Book Cover Reveal!

If you’re like me and you have been dying for a new Tamora Pierce book then you have casually been checking her Wikipedia page for years. And you know that she has had several Tortall books list...

Rest In Peace Adam West

When I was a kid, the best part about staying home sick from school was watching Batman on Space. I’d curl up on the couch with my Dad and he’d let me have a lollipop or some other contrab...

Last Day in Paradise: Book Expo Last Day Hurrah

It’s the final day of Book Expo. The day we get to learn from yesterday’s mistakes and become ultimate super bloggers! We got out the door earlier. We planned our breakfast (which did not ...

Day 2 of Book Expo

Woo! Half way through day 2 of Book Expo and it has already been wild. It seems scaled down this year. Maybe there are less booths or maybe there are less people, but the event seems smaller. Not less...

On Our Way to BookExpo!

Airports always do their utmost to be stressful. I have a theory that people who specialize in designing airports probably have a particular affinity for rat mazes. Lucky for us we weren’t defea...

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