14 – Hanging Out With Jonathan L. Howard

The grand hiatus is FINALLY OVER! A few weeks ago, Chelsey and I sat down to talk to one of my all time favourite authors Jonathan L. Howard. We talked about the Cabal Series, world building, the diff...

Avengers Assemble

Alexandra and Chelsey try to figure out the Infinity Stones and Marvel continuity based off of the movies that they’ve seen. Seriously, they should go and read some comic books. Have a Listen Do...

13 – Non Fictional Meltdown

Alexandra and Chelsey discuss the recently released Book Con schedule, and the non fiction books that they've been reading.

12 – Tag You’re It

For this week on the podcast, Chelsey and Alexandra do the five questions book tag. Have a Listen   Download this episode (right click and save)

11 – Guilty Pleasures

It's the eleventh episode of the Death of the Author podcast. This week Alexandra and Chelsey are back to their usually scheduled programming and talk about their guilty pleasure reads.

10 – The Coldest Day of the Year

The’s the coldest day of the year (so far) and Chelsey and Alexandra sit down to talk about books. What are they reading? Listen and find out. Have a Listen Download this episode (right click an...

9 – Hanging Out With Susann Cokal

It’s a little bit different this week guys! Alexandra and Chelsey share some of the audio from their recent interview with Kingdom of Little Wounds author Susann Cokal. Susann Cokal is a moody h...

8 – The List Show

Welcome back to the Death of the Author Reviews Podcast! This week we talk about upcoming books and movies that we’re excited for. 2015 is looking like it’s going to be a great year! Have ...

7 – 2014 Wrap Up

Chelsey and Alexandra are back for their 2014 year wrap up, discussing the best reads of 2014, Goodreads' best books of 2014, and their plans for the New Year.

6 – As You Wish

Alexandra and Chelsey are back after a week hiatus to talk about their experiences at the Toronto International Book Fair and Goodreads Best of 2014 books that they wanted to read, but never quite got...

1 – Podcast Pilot

Alexandra and Chelsey venture from the safe world of Youtube into the new and exciting land of podcasting. Welcome to Death of the Author Reviews the PODCAST! Your world this week in the young adult l...

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