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We (Chelsey and Alexandra) ran into each other in high school and have been discussing books, movies, and TV shows for years. That’s why, in the summer of 2010, the crazy idea that we should start discussing all those things on the internet doftheastuckwith us. So, on a shoddy camera and with horrible lighting and sound, we produced out first review and haven’t looked back. We’ve since upgraded all our equipment, and improved on a whole host of writing and editing skills, and changed filming locations 5 zillion times, but the discussions are still hilariously the same.

And while Death of the Author seems like a strange and awkwardly long name for book reviewers, you’ll find that we agree with you. Our name was born out of required English major reading in university (yes, occasionally required reading spits out something good). Put in front of us was Roland Barthes essay, Death of the Author, on how the reader’s interpretations of a book are not valid, and it’s only the reader’s interpretations that matter. For us in the process of looking for a name for our reviewing site, it was gold. And now we’re stuck with this long, awkward name, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

As for our decision to review teen books, it was a pretty simple one: 1. It’s a category that’s exploded into popularity and 2. It’s where we find 90% of the books we read, and we’re slow to move on.

In our 4 years (so far) of reviewing we’ve even expanded our repertoire to include crazy things like novel-length Youtube pick-a-path stories on Adventure is Out There, and blogs about our favourite subjects. But as for right now, Death of the Author Reviews takes a look at the best and worst of the teen fiction section.


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