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It’s been a while since Chelsey and I have been able to sit down and watch some youtube videos, it means we have quite a large backlog to work our way through. So here goes nothing: Check out Cr...

Weekly Watch List – September 15th 2017

The carnival season is finally over and our video watching hiatus is over. Chelsey and I had a mountain of videos to catch up on, so instead of posting all of them I thought I would just share a few o...

All the Books I Pre-Ordered

All the books I’ve pre-ordered. This year it seems like so many. We get most of out books at BEA but there are still books out there I am excited for. I have ordered more books this year than I ...

Top Five Favourite Books from Book Con 2017

This week for Top Five Wednesday Alexandra finally coughs up her top five books that she got at book con. You know only a few months late.

Waiting on Wednesday: The Empress

The Empress is the sequel to last year’s The Diabolic, which I loved. A lot. The thing is, I thought The Diabolic was a stand alone novel. It turns out it is the first book in a trilogy. Who wou...

The Bechdel Cast – Twilight

Alexandra talks about one of her favourite podcasts: The Bechdel Cast and shares their hilarious coverage of the first Twilight film.

Waiting on Wednesday: The Book of Dust

Philip Pullman has been talking about returning to Lyra’s world for a long time now. Instead of offering a sequel to his original His Dark Materials trilogy, Pullman is giving them The Book of D...

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